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The Preston & Steve Show is a local (AWARD WINNING!) morning show based in the Philadelphia area.

Granted, if youre not from Philly, you’ve probably never heard of them…but in the age of the podcast and Twitter, you really have no excuse. Go. Now. Listen. I’ll wait.

The topics they discuss change with whatever is current….Hollywood press divas, world news, classic tv shows….no topic is taboo. And to be honest, the show is funny.


I listen with almost religious regularity.

Over my years of being a fan, I’ve made Photoshop graphics that visually illustrate different comedic bits they’ve done. And I thought I’d share a few here, for posterity. (these are often done very quickly and without forethought….so, no, its not the best Photoshop work. deal with it.) This is also so I don’t forget what I’ve done…sometimes I do and then stumble across them again. I’ve also come to realize I don’t make fun of Marisa nearly enough. I will have to work on this.

(Out of deference to Kathy Romano, I will NOT be posting my “Kathy’s Perfect Vagina” pic…its far less dirty than it sounds…but when I created it, waaaay back in the MySpace days, she was NOT happy about it.)

For example, during a discussion this morning about how the mythic Hydra was killed, one source they found said that “Hercules” defeated the Hydra….another attributed it to “Heracles”…and Steve Morrison, as he often does, went on a tangent about the “Cles” family….. “Hercu (les)”, “Harry (cles)”, “Tony”….even “John Cleese”.

So I created this:

The “Lees” Brothers: Hercu, Harry, Tony and John C

Hey….it made ME laugh. Deal with it.

The other day, Steve did a bit about Christian Bale backing out of the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic….saying that Steve Jobs would now be played by Bane.

Bane Steve Jobs

Bane Steve Jobs

Some of my previous graphics are….


Al-Non-Anon: Alcoholics Gregarious. For alcoholics who refuse to remain anonymous.

Brian’s Schlong: A little known adults only version of the James Caan and Billy Dee Williams classic.

Tom Brokaw, reporting on Lady Gaga’s apparent injury to her nether regions. (“Steak-Ums”….that STILL cracks me up)

Marginalized Eunuchs

Marginalized Eunuchs: Preston often comes up with weird terms that would make great band names, and this was one of the better ones. So its (left to right), Nick, Preston, Steve and Casey as a fictional hair metal band.


This is one you’ll either get…or not get. Michael Matter Baby Batter. Milked from the source.

Off Camera Regis LOVES Asia Argento: Steve does this bit, called “Off Camera Regis”…essentially a spot-on hilarious impersonation of Regis Philbin, heard off camera, and full of lecherous intent. This image is because apparently Off Camera Regis LOVES Asia Argento. But….hes old…and dry…well, you get it. Fap fap fap.

RIP Mr Whipple: When Dick Wilson, the actor who for many years portrayed Mr Whipple in the Charmin commercials passed, it was speculated….what if he wasnt so nice?

Goosezilla: For a period of time, a Canadian goose was living atop a Toys-R-Us in Cherry Hill, NJ….and for whatever reason, it would swoop down and attack people in the parking lot. But, it only attacked FEMALES. So, Preston and Steve dressed one of their male interns as a girl scout, and sent him out to see if the goose would attack.

Goosezilla – Missing: Equally as suddenly, the killer goose simply disappeared. I don’t think anyone ever found out what became of that winged bastard.

Casey Photobombs Kathy: I don’t even understand this one. Casey photobombs Kathy. At Stonehenge. And she’s with Denis Leary. I have no idea. Although, you SHOULD know that the word “Moist”? It’s Kathy’s favorite word in the English language. Try and work it into a sentence when you speak to her. Say it often.

Kathy. In a bikini. Jogging. With squirrels. Another one I can’t explain. It simply is what it is.

Over the years, Casey has told many stories, and many of them have become the butt (no pun intended) of jokes on the show.

Like when he did his sleep study at “The Clinic”…

Or when he told the world about that time he shat himself, as a kid, playing basketball.

There is also “Casey Facey”….you were invited to print out a photo of Casey, making a weird face, and wear it as a mask. Or…do as I did, and Photoshop his mug into other scenes…

And when Casey went on and on and on about wanting a Vespa…..well, we couldn’t leave poor Kathy out….

These all still make me laugh, even though some of them are YEARS old.

I’ll keep you posted on what I come up with next…..

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