Inspiration: Peter Diamond

Behind the scenes of my blog writing process, I often stumble upon extraordinary artists whose works lead me down a rabbit hole of inspiration. I will often start a draft post, telling myself I’ll come back and finish, someday. Such was the case when I discovered the mesmerizing art of Peter Diamond, a Canadian artist […]

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Just a dream I had…

I had a dream last night, and wanted to put it down before it gets lost forever. This one featured a friend of mine, she knows who she is, and it is written as if I am speaking to her. But, you might enjoy this trip through my brain as well… Last nights dream… I […]

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Malignant (2021) review. No spoilers…

3 Stars out of 5. But…don’t take this as an endorsement. This movie is bad. And it’s good. It’s both and neither. One of those stars is simply for the innovative movement of the main villain. More on that below. If you are a casual watcher of horror films? You probably will not care for […]

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