OMG what have I started?

That last post got me going…now I can’t stop.

Several months ago my fiancee and I did this as well. We got to talking about old songs and bands and next thing you know we’re on YouTube playing all these songs we haven’t heard in years. And the whole time, Shi (my fiancee’s eldest) is staring at us like we’ve lost our everloving minds….

So all the 80’s music from the INXS post got me going, and I can’t help it…old school punk is soooooooo good you just have to share it!

SubhumansEvolution” – When this came out, I played it so much I literally wore out the vinyl on this one track and had to buy it again. (Vinyl….it how we used to get our music kids…look it up) My poor mother…what she must have thought to look into her 15 year old son’s room and see him sitting there, bouncing up and down signing “Out in the garden theres a little white rabbit like Revlon torture for your clean little habits!” (Although when you sing it its more like “outinthegardentheresalilwhiterabbit! likerevlontortureyourkleenlilabit!”)

The MisfitsSkulls” – A band that combined my love of horror movies with my love of punk/metal and had a singer that sounded like Elvis’ Satanic offspring? I was so in love with this band. Hell…even at the age I am now I’m bouncing at my kitchen table singing along! (The Mrs likes this song too)

GBHSick Boy” – You had to love GBH. It should have been a law throughout the land. The mohawks alone would make your mother cringe…making you love them even more.

Bad BrainsI Against I” – I didnt discover Bad Brains until college, when a friend played this song for me. I heard it ONCE and thats all she wrote. Instant fandom!

Black FlagI Don’t Care” – There used to be this summer program for high school students at Rutgers U. They would have art students from all over the state come and stay for the entire summer and work with college professors and working artists to hone their craft. In the summer between junior and senior year, I went to the “Summer Arts Institute” and while there, I would play Blag Flag for my roommate to enjoy…and he would play Dead Kennedy’s for me. Ahhhh good times.

The ExploitedBeat The Bastards” – I remember being scared to play The Exploited too loud while my mother was home, for fear she would hear the lyrics….Exploited had far more curse words than anyone else….it was years later before I realized she couldnt understand a word they were saying anyway.

Dead KennedysCalifornia Uber Alles” – This post wouldnt be complete without adding some DK. Sure, I probably played “Nazi Punks” far more than this track, but this track was the FIRST DK song I ever heard.

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