A little diversion: Baby Salons

Before I do my post about dealing with recruiters, thought I would add a little diversion from my usual topics. I don’t typically write about my family here, choosing instead to focus on business pursuits, design and art in general, but this was so cute I had to share.

Anyway, over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we drove down to my mother’s place in Maryland for the big family feast. By we, I mean, myself, my fiancée, CJ (my son) and Maddy (my step-daughter)…the fifth of our little clan, my other step-daughter Shilo couldn’t join us for the trip due to school obligations. On the drive down…not sure how we got on the subject…CJ was telling us about an exercise in school where the teacher had the class think of places to go on a first date that began with the letter “T”;. CJ told us all he could think of were “Taco Bell”; and “TGI Fridays”;.

Maddy, who is 11 interjects with, “What about that garden place that starts with “T”;?”;

We were all at a loss, we were clearly thinking restaurants, and Maddy was being far more open minded than we were. “Olive Garden? But that doesn’t start with T…”; my fiancée says.

“No,”; says Maddy, “It’s a famous garden…it starts with T and has all the baby salons.”;

“I have no idea, where did you hear about it?”; I ask.

“My teacher told us all about it in school.”; She says, “It’s supposed to be real famous. The something something gardens with baby salons.”;

I get to thinking…and then I ask, “The Hanging Gardens of Babylon?”;

“That’s it!”; she says with a smile, “The Hanging Gardens of Baby Salons! You could go there on a first date. ‘The’ starts with ‘T’.”;

I couldn’t argue with her logic, but I said, “Honey, I don’t think those exist anymore…”;

She replied, with the condescension that can only come from children, “Of course they do. My teacher said they were really beautiful. How would she know if they were beautiful if they didn’t exist anymore? Although I don’t know why babies need salons, I mean, they don’t really have a lot of hair, do they?”;

How adorable is that? That’s my little girl there.

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