Looking for a job? Overused resume buzzwords

Let’s be honest here…writing resumes sucks.


I can’t think of anything more painful and tedious than writing about yourself, other than stating a straight up experience like you would in a blog. Figuring out what to include, what not to include and how to present it…wow…can I sign up to do that every day please?

I think one of the main reasons we all seek a job where we can work for a long long time, right after stability and being part of great work that matters, is to avoid having to rewrite our resumes.

Next time you’re updating your resume, you should also keep in mind this recent posting on the BusinessWire site:

LinkedIn Says Most Overused Buzzwords Are “Extensive Experience, Innovative and Motivated”

Ready for the Top 10?

1. Extensive experience
2. Innovative
3. Motivated
4. Results-oriented
5. Dynamic
6. Proven track record
7. Team player
8. Fast-paced
9. Problem solver
10. Entrepreneurial

How many of those words are YOU guilty of in your resume? I’m definitely guilty of #1 and #3…and I think #5 and #10 make an appearance as well.

Looks like I have to re-examine my resume again.

Oh joy!

Which of these words do YOU overuse? Leave a comment below:

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