DVD Review: Alex Cross


Alex Cross
(2012 – PG-13 – 101 minutes)

Cast: Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Rachel Nichols, Giancarlo Esposito, Jean Reno, Edward Burns, John C. McGinley, Cicely Tyson, Chad Lindberg, Carmen Ejogo
Director: Rob Cohen

Those that say “read the book, it’s better” are missing out on a huge point. Let’s be honest, the book was only marginally good. James Patterson’s “Alex Cross” series isn’t high literature….its the reality TV of the book world. Entertainingly filling your time, but leaving you in the same place you were before you read it. This movie? Even worse.

They took the best parts of the bubblegum-pop novels (i.e. Alex’s snappy banter with his partner Sampson, Alex’s relationship with Mama, the “up-from the street made good of himself and is now giving back to the community by keeping it safe” personality) and thrown it completely out the window. Tyler Perry phones this in (he must have done it for the exposure for the films he cares about i.e. his own), John C McGinley plays his role as if he thought this was a spoof, Matthew Fox isnt sure whether he wants to be scary killer? Rambo killer? Scary Rambo killer? Neither? And the other actors seem like they hope they get killed off in the next scene so that they can just go home. Add all this to dialogue that makes CSI look like Shakespeare, and a plot that is so run-down and formulaic that it isnt even good enough to SEEM run-down and formulaic.

Other reviewers say dont see this movie if you’re a fan of the book. I also say, don’t see this if you are a fan of movies. Or of not having your time wasted.

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