CSS Support in email clients

We designers are a finicky lot, and most of us, despite being considered free spirited due to our arty upbringings, are pretty anal retentive when it comes to how our designs are displayed.

Who among us doesnt keep numerous browsers on their computers to cross-check functionality? And then scream and moan because the design looks PERFECT in such and such, but like hot buttered ass in this other browser. some, like myself even have multiple versions of IE simply because its a different type of pain in the ass depending on which version you’re in. [Multiple IE by TredoSoft is great for this]

But, many people fail to consider how their designs will render in email form, and even less, how the likes of Gmail or Yahoo mail will mangle their CSS. Forget CSS consistency, many of us would simply settle for having the CSS render at ALL.

Campaign Monitor has created a list of CSS Compatibility across email clients, that I have found very helpful (I’ve bookmarked it and suggest you do the same). They have a web based version that focuses on the major platforms (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc) and a more detailed downloadable version in both PDF and Excel formats. Its updated regularly, so check back often!

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