CSS Blogs and Sites you SHOULD be reading

"I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing."

I’ve heard that saying in many different forms, all attributed to Socrates, and all with the same basic premise.

The truth is, its not always easy to admit how little you actually know. It’s harder to admit that there are others out there who know vastly more than you do. And even harder still to admit that there are designers out there so good they make you think you should give it all up and become a plumber.

What I do these days is bookmark those peoples sites, and hold on to them like a private treasure…going back once, twice, 900 times per week and trying to learn as much as possible.

Here is a list of CSS Guru’s and their blogs that you SHOULD be reading.

It’s ok to admit that they know more than you do.


The entire Tuts+ Network is good, and NetTuts+ is no exception. NetTuts+ has tips, tricks, tutorials and links that will help make creating and managing your sites that much easier. I seriously go to this bookmark a few times per week.

Home of Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis’ blog “Fleeting Epiphanies”…I saw Stephanie give a seminar on CSS3 & Propgressive Enhancement about a year ago, and when she was done speaking I wanted to start a fan club complete with t-shirts and secret decoder rings. You NEED to read this woman’s blog if you are serious about CSS. Really really.

Estelle Weyl: CSS, JavaScript and XHTML Explained
I follow her blog AND her Twitter…thanks to her I won a free pass to last years CSS Summit. hell, my GF isnt even a geek and follows her Tweets (although she does occasionally turn and say stuff like “Babe…that Estelle lady is going on about inset shadows showin up even if theyre off…whatever the hell that means….”)

Jason Cranford Teague
Are you even slightly interested in web fonts, CSS and all the issues in between the two? JCT is your guy. I discovered him after coming across his book “Fluid Web Typography” last year.

Stubbornella is the blog of Nicole Sullivan, a CSS guru in the truest sense. She was part of the team that took Facebook’s MASSIVE list of styles and pared it down so much it cut their response time in half. What more endorsement do you need?

Author. Instructor. Designer. Standards and accessibility genius. Zoe is the shit. Seriously. Go. Learn. Now.

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