Equality Now. For Whovians.

The internet is all abuzz with the gay marriage debate…and of course, we’re not happy unless something can be meme-ified.

So the traditional equality logo, that has been around for ages, a yellow equals sign on an expanse of blue(view), has given way to a pink(ish) equals sign on an expanse of red (view). I don’t know who started it, I just know it came to my attention early yesterday morning when someone cross-posted it from George Takei’s FB page…and within moments, like magic, it was everywhere.

Everywhere. (They don’t call it ‘viral’ for nothing…)

Suddenly, it became de rigueur to make it your OWN profile picture on FB. To show solidarity and support for the cause. One by one, my friends started changing their profile pictures to the new pink/red symbol for equality. And some (who will remain nameless) began tagging me, in some sort of internet version of social peer pressure, seemingly, as if to say, “And why have you not changed YOURS yet?”

Using the symbol as your profile pic meant you were one who cared, one who was supportive, one who sided with the righteous. NOT using it meant you were a meanie.

Or at least, this was the way the whole movement was treated.

Now, my opinion on gay marriage is simply that. My opinion. Mine. Not yours. And being neither gay, nor about to enter into a gay marriage I’m planning on keeping my opinion to myself. Because no matter what my opinion is, either my friends on the left or my friends on the right are going to get pissy over it.

Who needs that kind of grief over a marriage they will never even enter into?

Not me.

So, this morning I decided to make my OWN equality symbol…and change my Facebook profile picture to reflect it.

Whovian equality. Because no matter what your race, creed, color, gender, favorite animal or planet of origin?

You should be a Whovian.

Feel free to use this as you see fit.

We both know you want to.

Equal Whovian Love

Equal Whovian Love

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