Dan Savage is a bully

I try to avoid voicing any political views here on this blog.

But, today I just couldn’t let this go. I support free speech. I think you have right to be mean if you want to. But, you must also understand that being mean doesn’t make you “brave” or “cool” or “socially forward”…it makes you a dick. One should always take into account what they are saying and who they are saying it to…regardless of “freedom of speech”. Freedom of speech doesnt also mean freedom from composure, or class, or respectfulness…”freedom of speech” doesn’t mean that if you are part of a maligned group of people you are automatically allowed to be free to malign another group, and be exempt. You would still be a dick.

Dan Savage is a bully.

Dan Savage is a bigot.

Plain and simple.

We would never allow someone in the 21st century to get up in front of a bunch of SCHOOL KIDS and speak this way about any OTHER group of people. Can you imagine the outcry that would happen if a speaker got up in front of school kids and spoke about GAYS this way? Or Jews? Or Muslims? Women? Native Americans? It would be called “hate speech”, it would lead the nightly news, and the speaker would be compelled to give a heartfelt apology live on national tv, or never work as a public speaker again. Even if it was done in jest. Ask Michael Richards how HIS career is going these days.

Hell, even when the combustible history between blacks and whites here in America is taken into account, we still, as a culture, go after anyone black who gets in front of a group and says horrible things about whites. Regardless of slavery. Regardless of lynchings. Regardless of the horrible things that have been done TO blacks in America throughout its history, we expect a modicum of taste and respect.

But since Dan Savage is speaking about Christians…its called free speech.

And then he ridicules the kids who, rather than get up and shout at him or call him wrong, simply get up and leave the room instead of allowing themselves to be discriminated against. He calls their actions “pansy assed”…and thats coming from a guy for whom being called a “pansy” by someone else would be a bigoted slur.

I applaud the bravery of those kids for getting up and walking out. Good for them. To be that young, yet still mature enough to take the high road, to simply walk out rather than following Dan Savage’s lead of belittling and insulting others. To choose the path of anti-bullying, during a speech that was SUPPOSED to be against bullying.

Dan Savage could probably learn a lot from reading about people like Martin Luther King, Ghandi, or yes…even Jesus.

The proper way to gain acceptance and tolerance for your cause is not to ridicule and belittle those who may not share your beliefs. It is to comport oneself with a degree of dignity and honor, to show the world outside of yours that you should be honored and respected because you are WORTHY of honor and respect. Contrary to popular opinion, the act of being born does not gain you the respect of the rest of the human race.

Respect is granted by others because it is earned.

And it is just as easily taken away. I like the “Savage Love” column in Philadelphia Weekly. But, I have now lost all respect for Dan Savage. Although, I freely admit he won’t care. Because respect from me, or any other “non-gay” individual seems to not be very high on his list.

(Funny…notice how I was able to disagree with the opinions of ONE MAN without saying ALL gays were like this? Maybe Savage could learn a few things from someone like me too.)

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