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Boost your SEO by adding authorship

Sure, a lot of us with blogs write these things knowing no one will ever read them. Myself included. But, the truth is, if no one ever READS what you’ve written on your blog,...

SEO: Google’s Collateral Damage 0

SEO: Google’s Collateral Damage

Even providing how much love I have for Google (no homo) this is just too great not to share. SEOBook posted a great infographic about Google’s Cat & Mouse game entitled “Google’s Collateral Damage:...

SEO: Google’s Panda is NOT always cuddly. 0

SEO: Google’s Panda is NOT always cuddly.

I’m a lover of analogy, which is why I think it’s great that Google named their latest algorithm update “Panda”. No really, think about it… panda’s are these gorgeous, endangered creatures who seem so...