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Preston & Steve Show Graphics

The Preston & Steve Show is a local (AWARD WINNING!) morning show based in the Philadelphia area. Granted, if youre not from Philly, you’ve probably never heard of them…but in the age of the podcast and Twitter, you really have no excuse. Go. Now. Listen. I’ll wait. The topics they discuss change with whatever is […]

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Responsive Web Design is the way to go. Even BING says so.

Bing (who I’m not a fan of, which is why this is news) has come out in favor of responsive design, agreeing with the rest of us that mobile is not only here to stay, but that it’s the future we all need to design for. This is very top-of-mind for me at the moment, […]

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Movie remake poster designs

“Everything old is new again”…or so they say. The fact is, when Hollywood runs out of ideas, they have a good time rehashing old ones…or outright stealing them, but that’s another blog post. All questions of whether some films SHOULD be remade aside, I imagine it can’t be easy to be the designer who is […]

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R.I.P. Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak 1928 – 2012 And we lost another of the greats today. Rest in peace Maurice Sendak. “per Dei misericordiam requiescant in pace”. Moebius last month. And today Sendak. I have to make an effort to meet all of my heroes before they are gone…I already missed that chance on too many of them.

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Remember: Words MEAN things

Welcome to 2012! Hope you all had a great holiday! Job woes aside, I spent my time with family, which always makes me happy. Plus…I got a Jaromir Jagr shirt and a Jimmy Rollins jersey…hello…best gifts ever! While shopping for the holidays I came across this… And of course it got me to thinking about […]

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