Inspiration: Serge Birault aka Papa Ninja

Serge Birault (aka Papa Ninja) is yet another artist whom I don’t know where I first saw his work, but I have been a rabid fan ever since. I consider myself pretty adept at Photoshop – its the first program I have opened every morning for over a decade – and I tell myself all the time that I will someday make PShop art as great as that done by Serge.

Snow White © Serge Birault

Snow White © Serge Birault

Just like there are thousands of little boys who think they can be Lebron James.

We’re all deluded. But we don’t care.

Serge Birault was born in France in 1975. His first influences were classical painters, caricature and pin-up artists. He started to use acrylics and airbrush at the end of the 1980′s, following in the steps of Hajime Sorayama. In the middle of the 1990′s, he tried digital painting for the first time and found a way to adapt his airbrush techniques to this new medium.

Serge is now a freelance illustrator. He has worked in advertising, publishing, video games and the music industry. He has won numerous awards on CGTalk, CGHub, 3Dtotal, and It’s Art. He also teaches courses in different CG art schools, in France, and does workshops all over the world.

Serge currently lives in the south of France with his wife and his two sons.

– from Muddy Colors

If you spend much time in these pages of mine, you’ll find I tend to like certain things in art: Great lines. A love of light and shadow. Consistency of vision. Serge is master of all three.

His is a world that would be fun to live in. (Although all the women would be hella dangerous…..) Apparently he also teaches illustration classes in France…pity I don’t speak French. Or live in France.

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