Inspiration: Sam Jinks

Sam Jinks will blow you away.

Face it. You’re just not ready.


Just. Not. Ready.

At first you wonder…am I looking at a painting? A movie still? Is this CGI?

And then you read further, and find out its SCULPTURE.

Thats right…if you were in the room you could reach out and touch it. You can almost feel the hair cant you? The skin texture?


Using silicone, latex, hair and a multitude of media, Sam Jinks has taken the movie special effects magic of a Tom Savini or a Greg Nicotero, and elevated it to a realm of hight art that takes your breath away. These are not zombie brides, or beheaded corpses. There is no Freddy or Jason. These are real people….or are they? Look closer.

Go ahead…look closer…is she real? Is she there? Is she on the verge of speaking to you, stern words that will cut you to the quick, and leave you wondering what you did wrong THIS time….?


Or is she just a sculpture in a gallery.

Sam Jinks is Inspiration.


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