Inspiration: Kris Kuksi – Art God

I have no idea how I find these things sometimes, but occasionally I will somehow stumble upon the miraculous, when I’m not even trying.

Kris Kuksi’s website, and the art contained therein falls into this vein.

How did I get there? See if you can follow me here ;this makes 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon look like childs play. And keep in mind this all happened in the span of about 5 minutes,;

I was looking at the Twitter feed for my company and pondering our foray into social media when the daily e-mailing from Philadelphia magazine sauntered into my inbox. Clicking on it, thinking, “Hmm..maybe there are some ideas there,;”

I was instead lead to an interview with ?uestlove

– which reminded me of the album art for Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew“, one of those seminal albums that my dad owned, that sent me on a quest for Mati Klarwein the artist who created that piece that stands out in my memory…..

– this led to the Society for Art of The Imagination which led me on a meandering path through four or five other sites that somehow left me sitting there with my jaw hanging open as I beheld…


Kris Kuksi is one of those artists that makes you believe you aren’t doing nearly enough with your vision. Somehow, nothing I have done, nothing I have created seems GOOD ENOUGH.


Kuksi’s sculpture’s don’t look like sculptures at all, but something primal and archaeological that was unearthed and given to the world as a warning of what was and what is to become. Hindu temple spires meet the Roman catacombs as seen through Michelangelo while he wears spectacles colored by HR Giger.

I sincerely haven’t done enough with my life.

I either need to try harder, or give up and become an accountant.


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