Inspiration: Jared & Jessica Joslin

You get twice the inspiration in the same blog post today kiddies! Ain’t you the lucky ones?

Jared & Jessica Joslin are a husband and wife pair of artists who are at once both startlingly unique in style, and at the same time obviously hail from a similar reality. I’d suggest listening to some Amanda Palmer or Dresden Dolls while traveling through the world of the Joslin’s….or some 20′s and 30′s jazz….I’ve got Louis Armstrong‘s Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven’s boxed set going right now…you might think I recommend this music because both Jared & Jessica create work that seems to hearken to some bygone era…and you’d only be about 18% right.

Jared Joslin "Masquerade Ball", © 2010 Oil on canvas

Jared Joslin “Masquerade Ball”, © 2010 Oil on canvas

The truth is, along with their seeming antique qualities, they create work from our world, that seems to come from some reality that is only like ours on the surface. The lady who stares out at you from Jared’s oil on canvas “Masqurade Ball” (above) is both familiar and alien, both sexy and threatening. You can’t look away, but you feel she may hurt you. And somehow, Louis Armstrong’s “Thats When I’ll Come Back To You” seems like it’s playing in the background. (“When your hair touches the ground and boxcars start flying around thats when I’ll come back to YOU“)

Jared Joslin "Carny Self Portrait", © 2009 Oil on canvas

Jared Joslin “Carny Self Portrait”, © 2009 Oil on canvas

There is a fringe element lurking at the edges of Jared’s work, the eyes of his subjects say, “We’re here to entertain you…but it would be dangerous to KNOW us.”

And I’m drawn in like a fly to flame everytime I look.

Jessica, in a similar vein, creates sculptures of what once was, but could never have been. Antique creatures of pure imagination, impossible to believe, yet even in photos you swear they may have just moved.

Culling together real animal bones, antiques, found bits and the flotsam and jetsam of fantasies, Jessica’s creatures seem at once much loved pets as museum exhibits from a land our history has forgotten.

“There is a lot of engineering and finesse that goes into making them seem natural and effortless, as if they were meant to be..” – Jessica Joslin (Coilhouse, 2012).

Jessica Joslin &copy 2008 "Admiral Luce" (detail)

Jessica Joslin &copy 2008 “Admiral Luce” (detail)

If making impossible creatures look as if “they were meant to be” is part of Jessica’s aim…she’s succeeded. And then some.

Give Jessica and Jared’s collection of work a look. Hopefully you will find it all as inspiring as I do.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Amanda Palmer is singing “Delilah”…and I’m looking through Jared’s “Floating Into The Night” collection….

(As usual, I feel the need to explain that I dont get anything in return for these endorsements….hell, I don’t even tell the people I write about that I wrote about them. I just want to share the stuff that inspires me, so that maybe YOU will be inspired too. Peace. All Artwork © their respective owners. If you’re going to use their artwork, give them the respect they deserve and credit them.)

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