Inspiration: Dave Mottram

Dave Mottram has graced this site before, and I felt, after seeing some of his most recent work, that he deserved mention all on his own.

Whimsical and fun, Dave’s work has an expressive quality that is lacking in the works of other people. I could probably spend days just looking at the man’s sketchbooks!


Check out these pugs. All of them undeniably pugs, yet each completely unique in every way….and I don’t even LIKE pugs! (Notice the homage to Marvel Comic’s Lockjaw there? Brilliant!)

To be honest, I know NOTHING about Dave “the person”, and even his “About Us” page is a bit sparse….but if “the person” bears any resemblance to “the art”, he must be an interesting guy to know. (Maybe I should start an interview feature here….? Then again does anyone even READ these pages? Probably not.)


Take a moment today, away from the total time-suck the interwebs can become (c’mon, you know You Tube has sucked you in an eaten up chunks of your life before…admit it!) and spend some of that time being inspired by the works of Dave Mottram. You’ll thank yourself for it.

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