Inspiration: Classic Soviet Workplace Posters

English Russia has posted a great bunch of classic Soviet Union workplace posters. Many of us here in the west learned about the old WWII posters such as Rosie The Riveter (I love the Rockwell painting….check out those arms on Rosie! Wish I had guns like that) or the oft quoted “Loose Lips Sink Ships” from many an old movie.

These Soviet posters hail from a similar bygone era, and many are far more straightforward and graphic than ever would be used here in the West…but I find them both humorous AND inspiring. Posters seen in both the workplace and government agencies these days are quite boring in comparison.

Below are three of my own favorites….the artwork has the same “caught in the moment” feel of Bill Everett’s Golden Age Namor: The Sub-Mariner artwork, and the stylization and coloring of those classic Soviet graphics.





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