Doodles 2014

Ok…that title is a lie.

Some of these doodles are a year old…but still…

When I was a child, I used to get in trouble for drawing in class all the time. Once had a teacher, who will go unnamed here, call my parents in to the school, because I was always drawing Conan or zombies in her class.

She felt I was suicidal.

True story.

But, then, and now, its how I pay attention. With my brain going a mile a minute, if I dont have something to focus on during meetings at work, my brain will wander off to places of it’s own desire…and no, I’m sorry…I missed that? What was that you just said? I was “woolgathering”. It was the same way back in school…back then, teachers eventually caught on…”If hes drawing, hes paying attention….if hes looking out the window reel him back in.”

People at work have begun to realize this little quirk of mine as well.

On to the doodles…

This one was done this week. Not sure what Anubis has to do with a marketing meeting…but why question it? The anatomy is hella off..and his head is gargantuan…but when you work in ballpoint you have to live with your mistakes.

doodle: Anubis, anatomically weird

Did this some time ago. maybe the meeting was near lunch time…or I was just generally hungry…no idea…but there’s a banana in my notes now…

doodle: banana

Looking back through my work notebook, I draw hands and eyes a lot. I’m sure a therapist would say this points to something. At which point I’d use my hand to poke them in the eye. But I digress. I draw eyes. A lot. This is just one of the many in there.

Doodle: Eyes on your notes

And this….? I have no idea. I’m sure the screaming demon skull with dreadlocks meant something when I drew it. Just as sure as I am that it doesn’t mean a damn thing now.

Doodle: Rasta Demon Skull I guess?

And lastly…was discussing, via phone conference call, the drilling of things down to their bare essentials. Just using whats needed to accomplish the task. And doodling the same theory on a Keith-esque Wolverine.


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