Pandora: New Girl Ad

Admittedly…I dont watch Fox’s New Girl. I’ve heard it’s quite good…but other than Big Bang Theory, I don’t watch very many situation comedies, spending my boob tube time instead devoted to SyFy, cooking shows, home improvement shows and shows like Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Spartacus, Walking Dead, Dr Who and the like…

But this was an advertising idea I had to mention. Last fall, while listening to a Euro-Techno-Trash station on Pandora, I was greeted with the ability to listen to the favorite tracks of each of the characters from “New Girl”. Pretty ingenious really…you’ve already taken the time to flesh out these characters on paper, so its no small leap to figure out what music they would like…and chances are, a viewer who likes a character will like their music as well.


I wonder what Dr Who’s station would sound like.

Pandora: New Girl Ad

Pandora: New Girl Ad

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